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Protection Acrylics for
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Protective Acrylic (3mm or 5mm)
Our protective acrylics are produced in 3mm or 5mm crystal acrylic depending on the size of the product. They are highly resistant and durable.


Our Protective Acrylics are produced with 2 side supports, prepared with double glue tape, ready to be applied, easily and quickly.


Service Window
Our acrylics are produced with a service window with standard dimensions of 300x200mm.


Round Corners
The corners of the product are bended with a rounded finish avoyding sharp edges.

Standard size options
for the protective acrylics

Protective Acrylic #1
600x650x200mm (WxHxD)
Service Window: 300x200mm
Acrylic Thickness: 3mm

Protective Acrylic #2
600x700x200mm (WxHxD)
Service Window: 300x200mm
Acrylic Thickness: 3mm

Protective Acrylic #3
700x750x200mm (LxAxP)
Service Window: 300x200mm
Acrylic Thickness: 5mm

Protective Acrylic #1
1000x900x250mm (WxHxD)
Service Window: 300x200mm
Acrylic Thickness: 5mm

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Yes. In our online shop you may choose from 4 different standard sizes. However, if none of them fits your needs you may contact us directly and customize your acrylic. 

The used material is crystal acrylic with 3mm and 5mm thickness. The thickness depends on the size option (you may find the size info on the product page).

We deliver you protective acrylic in your establishment through carrier service. In the ckechout page you may find the shipping costs associated to the product delivery.

To make a purchase in our online store, we offer several secure payment methods: MB Way, Multibanco, Paypal, Payshop and Bank Transfer.

The shipping costs of your order are calculated on checkout, they will depend on the volume of your order. Regarding delivery, we work with GLS Delivery Service. You may also pick up your order in our facilities (check contacts page to see the address), with no costs added to your order.

The delivery time for your order is 2 working days after receiving order payment for orders above 5 units and 3 working days for smaller orders.

If you choose the ‘Local Pickup’ in the shipping method, your order will be ready to be picked up in our facilities, at Blink Eye (you may check the address in our contacts page). No additional costs will be added to your order if you choose this method.

What we offer


We use 3mm and 5mm acrylic for the production of the protective acrylics for customer service.


We offer a competitive price for our protective acrylic, ensuring the quality of the materials used in production.


We offer several secure payment methods, in order for you to be able to make your order without worries.