Medical Visors

Protect yourself, the right way.

Crystal Polycarbonate
Medical Visor

check below why our product is distinctive


PVC Adjustable Band 
Dispomos de uma gama de 8 cores para escolha. We offer a range of 8 colors for you to choose from


Crystal Polycarbonate
What distinguishes us is the material used in our medical visors. Polycarbonate is a quality material, durable and reusable.


Adjustable Silicone Strap
This silicone strap has various adjustable points to provide you comfort.


Round corners for safety and comfort

What we offer


These Medical VIsors are not only reusable as that may also be cleaned with an alcohol solution without risk of discoloration.


Our visors are produced in Polycarbonate, a quality material, resistant and durable.


We offer a range of 8 different colors so you may distinguish them easily, identifying yours effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Crystal polycarbonate is a highly durable material, maintaining its crystalline appearance after various uses.  Beyond the comfort of the visors thanks to the support and PVC band, this visor is also adjustable and really light-weighted, ideal for long periods of use.

Visor usage doesn’t make mask usage expendable. They should both be used together for a better efficiency on your personal protection.  Other than its efficiency and comfort, this product is way more practical than the mask and best of all it is reusable. Its maintenance/cleaning is really easy. It ends up being a more eco-friendly solution, given the fact that we reuse it instead of discarding it after each use.

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Yes. Due to the quality material used (Polycarbonate), its life cycle is longer than a typical visor produced in acetate. This visor may be cleaned with an alcohol solution without risk of discoloration.

Yes. It is important that products of this kind that are used daily may be cleaned regularly. Thanks to the material we use (Polycarbonate), these visors may be cleaned with an alcohol solution without risk of discoloration.